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Date Author Publication/Article
2/25/2022 New York Law Journal/James E. Mercante A Ship Arrest is No Pleasure Cruise
7/8/2021 New York Law Journal/James E. Mercante 'Ever Given' Ship Ruins More Than a Muddy Canal
6/21/2021 gCaptain Online/James E. Mercante The 'Ever Given' Will Ruin More Than Just a Muddy Canal
3/30/2021 FOX 5 NEWS/James E. Mercante Interview re: Evergreen ship grounding in Suez Canal
2/25/2021 New York Law Journal Good Faith Matters Utmost
10/30/2020 New York Law Journal Slave Ships: When Mutiny Matters
8/25/2020 New York Law Journal COVID Meets Maritime: Strange Bedfellows
2/20/2020 New York Law Journal Cruising for a Bruising?
1st Quarter 2020 Jason Eson and Crystal Monahan Assessing USF&G's 'Objective Reasonableness' Standard
10/21/2019 New York Law Journal Fire and Water: Fatal Mixture
10/2/2019 Jason B. Eson The Edges of Follow the Fortune
8/12/2019 MERCANTE/POLING MARINE BULLETIN-Federal Judge ruling in favor of vessel owner in LOLA action
6/27/2019 New York Law Journal Supreme Court Dips Into Admiralty
2/21/2019 New York Law Journal Admiralty 2, Navy 0: Collisions at Sea
10/31/2018 New York Law Journal Yacht on My Lawn: Trick or Treat?
6/27/2018 New York Law Journal Texting Liability Hits the High Seas And So Far, Itís a Rough Voyage
2/21/2018 New York Law Journal 'Mari-Crimes' on the Radar
10/31/2017 New York Law Journal Sea Monster Fought Law, And the Law Won!
6/28/2017 New York Law Journal Troubled Waters: A Tweet to the Supremes
2/22/2017 New York Law Journal From Sea to Shining Sea: Admiralty Reigns
1/06/2017 James E. Mercante Decision of Interest: Collision, Sinking and Pollution
10/31/2016 New York Law Journal Bermuda Triangle: Trick or Trap?
9/1/2016 SOUNDINGS Admiralty Jurisdiction and pleasure craft accident Round 2
7/25/2016 NY Law Journal Treasure at Sea: Finders Are Not Always Keepers
6/7/2016 Soundings Appeals court expands admiralty law in diving accident
6/7/2016 Professional Mariner Tugboat collision-Tappan Zee Bridge
6/3/2016 NY Law Journal Second Circuit Widens the Net of Admiralty Jurisdiction
6/2/2016 Second Circuit Admiralty Jurisdiction Decision
2/24/2016 James E. Mercante Admiralty's Arsenal: Limitation of Liability
10/14/2015 James E. Mercante El Faro's Sinking Stirs Jones Act Debate
4/1/2015 NY Law Journal Arbitrating Seamen's Personal Injury Claims
8/1/2014 Soundings Focus - A Will to Win Drives this Maritime Lawyer
5/15/2014 James E. Mercante "Death Before Dishonor: Go Down With The Ship?"
4/11/2014 Court Decision Pokras v. Herman - Hurricane Irene Decision
10/31/2013 James E. Mercante "New Test in Longshore Worker's Attempted Suicide 'Unchained'"
10/1/2013 James E. Mercante Marine Insurance: Getting "Nauti" Aboard a Dinghy
9/10/2013 James E. Mercante Admiralty Law: Superstorm Sandy Resurfaces in Court
9/1/2013 James E. Mercante "Superstorm Sandy: Lawsuit Blows Over"
7/1/2013 James E. Mercante Boating While Impaired: A Tripple Whammy?
1/18/2013 James E. Mercante Admiralty Law: Italy Cruise Ship Lawsuits Unlikely to Survive
1/17/2013 James E. Mercante M/V KANDI WON -NO CRIMINAL CHARGES IN FATAL BOATING ACCIDENT (January 17, 2013)
10/31/2012 James E. Mercante Mischievous Seamen Sometimes Get No Treat
10/1/2012 James E. Mercante Admiralty Law: "You Sunk My Battleship?"
7/1/2012 James E. Mercante I Jump - Therefore I Sue
5/1/2012 James E. Mercante Fraud and Concealment - A Burning Issue
4/12/2012 James E. Mercante In the Wake of the 'TITANIC': An Unsinkable Law
4/1/2012 James E. Mercante That Sinking Feeling - the Bank Took My Boat!
1/1/2012 James E. Mercante Admiralty Laws: Laws You Can Choose!
10/24/2011 James E. Mercante Admiralty Law: Liability Waiver Decision a Step Forward for Entrenching Uniformity
10/1/2011 James E. Mercante Admiralty Law: Salvage from Shinola
9/12/2011 James E. Mercante Admiralty Law: Navy Sailor's Death Implicates Maritime Law
8/1/2011 James E. Mercante Don't Lien On Me
7/1/2011 James E. Mercante "Admiralty Law and Acts of God"
4/1/2011 James E. Mercante "Knocked Out By A Watercraft Exclusion"
10/1/2010 James E. Mercante "Boom, Bang, What's That Smell?"
8/1/2010 James E. Mercante "Winning Fight, Losing Insurance"
7/1/2010 James E. Mercante "Know Your Insurance Policy (and its defects)"
4/1/2010 James E. Mercante "Cigarettes, Fire and Videotape! (Preserving Evidence is Critical)
8/21/2009 James E. Mercante Admiralty Law: Noteworthy Developments: U.S. Supreme Court and Beyond
8/1/2009 James E. Mercante 'Documented Vessel' - What the Heck is That?
6/1/2009 James E. Mercante Navigation Limits: Out of Bounds!
5/1/2009 James E. Mercante Admiralty Law: Finders Keepers
4/1/2009 James E. Mercante Biting the Hand that Tries to Save You
3/1/2009 James E. Mercante Fire Case Won By TKO!
10/31/2008 James E. Mercante Perspective: Crew-Napping: Perils on the Highs Seas
10/30/2008 James E. Mercante Sorry...Wrong Captain!
9/19/2008 James E. Mercante Exxon Valdez: Oil Spills, Punitives and Secret Deals
9/1/2008 James E. Mercante Are You a 'Seaman'?
8/1/2008 James E. Mercante Even A Collision Has Its Limits
7/1/2008 James E. Mercante Close Encounters of the Uncovered Kind
6/1/2008 James E. Mercante Penalty For Delay Of Claim
5/1/2008 James E. Mercante "Insurance Coverage Shot Down:
4/28/2008 James E. Mercante Admiralty Law: Jurisdiction, Fisticuffs and Oil Spills
4/1/2008 James E. Mercante Judge Rules Salvage, not Towing. Hooray!
3/1/2008 James E. Mercante "Marine Insurance: Contract Terms Override Passion:
2/1/2008 James E. Mercante "Marine Insurance: Speedboat Owner Denied Insurance"
11/30/2007 James E. Mercante Admiralty Law-Out For the Count?
11/8/2007 James E. Mercante Damages: Sailing in Fog?
10/31/2007 James E. Mercante The Fall of Ships
9/1/2007 James E. Mercante Admiralty Law-What's A Seaman?
8/1/2007 James E. Mercante Admiralty Law-When 'Right of Way' Is Wrong
7/1/2007 James E. Mercante Admiralty Law-Is There a Duty To Rescue?
6/1/2007 James E. Mercante Jet Skiing-When Friends Collide
5/1/2007 James E. Mercante Honesty Is The Best Policy
4/26/2007 James E. Mercante It Pays to Be 'Attached'
4/1/2007 James E. Mercante Boater Loses On Missed Lay-Up
3/1/2007 James E. Mercante Court Ruling Gives New Meaning to'Home Sweet Home'
1/29/2007 James E. Mercante Causation Reaches Supreme Court
11/1/2006 James E. Mercante "Jones Inlet Accident: The End - Part II"
10/31/2006 James E. Mercante Lost Ship Resurfaces In New York Documents
10/1/2006 James E. Mercante "Jones Inlet Tragedy: the Final Chapters"
9/1/2006 James E. Mercante "One Man's Peril May Be Another's Profit"
8/29/2006 James E. Mercante Trains, Planes and Admiralty Jurisdiction
8/1/2006 James E. Mercante "Five Short Blasts Do Not Mean Hello"
7/1/2006 James E. Mercante "Who is An 'Operator'? Region's Highest Federal Court Decides"
6/1/2006 James E. Mercante "Hurricane Duty - A Vessel Owner's Obligations"
5/8/2006 James E. Mercante The Floating Dram Shop
5/1/2006 James E. Mercante "Marine Insurance: Are You My Agent?"
4/1/2006 James E. Mercante "Liability for Serving Alcohol at Sea"
3/1/2006 James E. Mercante "'All Ashore' Is Not Always Fun and Games"
1/30/2006 James E. Mercante Cruise Lines on the Radar Screen
1/1/2006 James E. Mercante Hurricanes and Act of God: When the Best Defense is a Good Offense
10/31/2005 James E. Mercante Ghost Ship: Salvaged or Victimized?
10/28/2005 James E. Mercante Of Hurricanes Acts of God and Admiralty Jurisdiction
8/29/2005 James E. Mercante Does Maritime Contract Afford Admiralty Jurisdiction
8/1/2005 James E. Mercante "Racing Can be Hazardous - to Your Health"
7/1/2005 James E. Mercante "The Case of Big Foot and the Undulating Wave"
6/1/2005 James E. Mercante "Breach of Lay-Up Warranty"
5/31/2005 James E. Mercante U.S. Supreme Court Revisits Meaning of "Vessel"
1/31/2005 James E. Mercante Pilots as Plaintiffs and Defendants
1/1/2005 James E. Mercante Man Hit Bridge. Bridge Pay Man?

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